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The PUMA-X Consortium

Seven major players 

from the academic and private sectors, recognized on the market with their specific solutions, gathered within Safe Cluster  have decided to totally rethink the approach to crisis management.


French leader in population alert solutions.

Leader of the PUMA-X project.

Predict Services

Predict Services assists individuals, companies, local authorities and crisis management services in France and abroad in their decision-making: before, during and after risk events.

Within the PUMA-X solution, the Predict Services teams provide 24/7 decision support to users to anticipate and manage their hydrometeorological risks.

Main contact

Delphine Rousseau
Risk management engineer


Publisher of software dedicated to the global supervision and access control of buildings.

Its role in the PUMA-X project is to create a web interface allowing the configuration and management of the platform, as well as the integration of the solutions of other PUMA-X partners.

Jean-Michel Belin

Jean-Michel Belin

CEO and Founder


Consulting firm specializing in the management of interventions, particularly emergency interventions.

Its role in PUMA-X is to understand end-user needs, taking into account the responsibilities of the local authorities and the expectations of the various stakeholders involved in the project.

Pierre Salmona

Pierre Salmona



Expert in 3D geographic visualization of territories. In the project, IGO is responsible for designing the 2D/3D cartographic platform for a full web, interoperable and Saas mode operation, as well as providing an API to integrate it into the modules. In parallel, IGO is working on a very high resolution 3D model.

Philippe Bour

Philippe Bour

General Director

Main contact

3D Developer


Electronic log and operational management software. In the PUMA-X project, Jaguards provides a digital log/workflow brick for managing time-stamped and forgery-proof events, managing resources, receiving alerts, sharing and managing the event, setting up the crisis unit, positioning events on the 3D map, sending notifications to the population alert management module, all through the PRYSM communication/hypervisor bus.

Pascal Flamand, Jaguards

Pascal Flamand

Founder and CEO

+33 950 260 370

Université Côte d’Azur – IMREDD

Université Côte d’Azur’s Institute of Innovation and Partnerships specialized in collaborative innovation. In the PUMA-X project, IMREDD relies on its Territory Information Platform (TIP) and on AI to participate in the identification and qualification of data and the processing of alerts. In addition, IMREDD is piloting the project’s valorization and the animation of the ecosystem by relying on the demonstration space of its Smart City Innovation Center.

Paulo Moura

Paulo Moura

Deputy Director for Innovation